50 Funny LGBTQ Jokes And Puns to Spark Queer Joy

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LGBTQ+ – What do all those letters stand for, you ask? The initials might sound like a super-secret government project, but in reality, they represent Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer/Questioning communities, plus a fabulous array of other sexual orientations, identities, and expressions. This colorful spectrum of humanity has everything—drama, love stories, heroes, and yes, even their own flag. But the rainbow doesn’t just signal rain’s end; it’s a badge of diversity and a tapestry of human experiences worn with pride.

So, why are there jokes targeting the LGBTQ+ community? Hold your unicorns, it’s not necessarily a bad thing! Comedy has always been a way for marginalized groups to own their narrative, poke fun at stereotypes, and break down barriers.

Of course, context is queen here. When these jokes are cracked within the community or among allies, they often serve as an ice-breaker, creating a space to celebrate differences and challenge taboos. So, go ahead, keep the jokes coming, but remember: comedy, like love, should never punch down.

Best LGBTQ Jokes

Have you asked someone to tell you what LGBTQ means?
You’ll never get a straight answer.

What does the + in LGBTQ stands for?
It is like gay premium.

Have you heard about the all lgbt furry band?
The name Pride Rock.

Yo mama so stupid, she thought LGBTQ was a sandwich.

What did the trans masc person say after top surgery?
“Well, I’m glad I got that off my chest.”

How are LGBTQ folks similar to batteries?
Usually, they are not included.

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
Seun LG.
You mean Seun that sells LG televisions?
No, Seun LGBTQ+!

What song do supportive parents of a closeted child love?
“The Son Will Come Out Tomorrow.”

Two years ago we’d never heard of gender reveal parties.
Now they’re spreading like wildfire.

Why can’t transgirls swim?
Because they’re boyn’t.

What happens when you put a lot of LGBT people in a long line?
You get a LGBTQ.

An LGBTQ activist asked a man, “How do you view lesbian relations?”
He replied, “In Full HD!”

What do you call a non-binary person when they get jealous?
Green with enby.

How can people be LGBTQ+ and still be dressing badly?
Like what were you doing in the Closet the whole time?!

Why did someone upgrade from LGBTQ to LGBTQ+?
So they could use pro-nouns rather than standard-nouns.

What do LGBTQ members drink?
Gender fluid.

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What do you call an LGBTQ+ plane?
A biplane.

Why was the mechanic rewarded with an ‘LGBTQ SUPPORT’ Award?
Because they help with your trans-mission.

What do LGBTQ folk and folk with scoliosis have in common?
None of them are straight.

What do you call if an LGBTQ person participates in a drive-by shooting?
A ruity roll-up.

Did you know that Marge Simpson was one of TV’s first LGBTQ+ characters?
She was animation’s first Homer-sexual.

A man walks into an LGBTQ center.
He walks up to the front desk and introduces himself. “Hello, I identify as a chocolate bar. Can I join?”
The receptionist replies, “Sir, that’s disgraceful! You’re mocking the community. We’re going to have to ask you to leave.”
“You can’t call me sir!” The man exclaims. “I use her/shey pronouns.”

Yo mama so stupid, she thought LGBTQ+ was a premium subscription.

What do you call a group of people waiting at Starbucks in a pride festival?
LGB Tea Queue.

How does a colorblind person see the LGBTQ flag?
They see it in gayscale.

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What do gay reindeer carry on Christmas
A slay.

What do you call an Asi*n person in the LGBTQ community who is addicted to video games?
Gay Ming.

What do you call an LGBTQ person who doesn’t take action?
A Bi-stander.

Why is Fonzy so popular in the LGBTQ community?
Because he’s AYYYY sexual!

What do you call an LGBTQ vehicle?
A BI-cycle.

A transgender person cut a man in line at the supermarket.
“You’re LGBT, right?” the man asked.
“You forgot about the ‘Q’,” they replied bluntly.
“No,” the man said, “you did.”

How many LGBT supporters does it take to change a lightbulb?
The lightbulb is fine the way it is. Society just needs to change the way it looks at it.

Why can you see the LGBT colors in the sky after it rains?
Because the sun just came out.

Why are LGBT people so fashionable?
Because they spent a lot of time in the closet.

Did you ever realize that the colors on the LGBT flag are actually all straight?
Unless it blows!

Did you hear about the man who considers himself a friend and ally to the LGBTQ+ community?
He has helped several women realize they were lesbians.

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What are the pronouns for dead LGBTQ+ people?

What’s the LGBT community’s favorite sex position?

What is the preferred instrument for asexuals?

What do you get when you put guacamole on a BLT?

Heterosexual: F*ck that.
H*mosexual: F*ck this.
Pansexual: F*ck everything.
Demisexual: F*ck you in particular.
Asexual: F*ck no.

Did you hear that the LG’s new Bluetooth department is very progressive?
Everyone there is LGBT.

According to a recent survey of Chefs, about 82% of them are part of the LGBT community.
Interestingly most of them were pansexual.

What was the anthem of Saudi Arabia’s first LGBT pride parade?
“We Will Rock You.”

How does an LGBT Communist get to work?
On their Bi-Sickle!

Why do LGBT people dislike coding?
It’s binary.

Where are LGBTQ vampires from?

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What do you call an LGBT mom who’s invisible?

What do LGBT people say at the end of a conversation?

Why are LGBT+ people, poor comedians?
They can’t say anything with a straight face.

What book do LGBT people use in church?
The bi-ble.

What did the pregnant LGBTQ buffalo hope she was having?
A Bison.

What group of people are all lgbtq+ people attracted to?
LGBTQ- people.

What’s the LGBTQ+’s favorite cereal?
Fruity pebbles.

What do you call a bisexual AI bot?
Chat LGBT.

What do you call an LGBT kangaroo?

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How does a sailor introduce himself at an LGBT meeting?
Call me Cismale.

Why are there so many obese people in the LGBTQ+ community?
Because of the trans fat.

Why did all the LGBT community flunk high school?
They failed basic biology.

What do you call a missing LGBT person?

What does a person do after failing in English grammar and science?
Join the LGBT.

Did you hear about the old man who just donated $20 to an LGBT group?
Hope one day we can find a cure.

Why must you never play Rock, Paper, Scissors at an LGBT meeting?
The moaning usually starts at ‘Scissors’.

Why is there no P in LGBTQ?
Just be patient, the Vatican is working on it.

Should children learn about LGBTQ in school?
In some places. Take America for instance. It’s nice to give the kids something to laugh about before they get shot.

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Why do veterans and 9/11 survivors get only a day to celebrate while the LGBTQ community gets a month?
Because being gay is the biggest tragedy of all!

What do LGBT+ and Hitler have in common?
Both were solving over population

The v*gina has more than 8000 nerve endings.
But it’s still not nearly as sensitive as LGBT Community!

Isn’t PornHub, the only company to truly care about LGBTQ+ people after pride?
They have a whole section for them all year long.

What is the LGBT wing of the Klu Klux Klan called?
The Gay KK.

Do you have a funny LGBTQ joke? Write down your own LGBTQ puns in the comment section below!

Jessica Amlee, born in 1996 in Laughlin, Nevada, is a delightful humorist and joke writer with a penchant for puns. She studied at Emerson College, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Comedy. Jessica's comedic style combines snappy one-liners and observational humor, making her a rising star in the world of comedy.

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