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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the 1818 novel was groundbreaking in its depiction of science and religion, and it served as a pioneering text in the science fiction genre. On the surface, it’s a novel about a scary monster, but her sympathetic description of a soulful creature makes us rethink who we label as the “monster.” The creature definitely looks creepy in every cinematic appearance, but just because something looks scary, doesn’t mean it is. While you are deciding who is scarier – Dr. Victor Frankenstein or his creation, we have put together the funniest Frankenstein Jokes for you to enjoy this Halloween.

Halloween is here and one of the greatest ways to get ready for the festivities and into the holiday spirit is to share witty puns with your family and friends.

Funny Frankenstein Jokes

Did you hear that Dr. Frankenstein entered a bodybuilding competition?
Certainly, he had misunderstood the objective.

Who Flips Frankenstein’s Pancakes?
Count Spatula.

What did Dr. Frankenstein say to his therapist?
“I have trouble making friends!”

Victor von Frankenstein turned out to be a car enthusiast as well as a mad scientist. He customized his own Lowrider. Everywhere he went, people would say, “Look, there goes the ride of Frankenstein.”

Who’s the Frankenstein monster’s favorite singer?
Michael Bolt-on.

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
(Frank who?)

What does Dr. Frankenstein call the graveyard?
Human Resources.

What is the funniest Frankenstein pick up line?
Are you Frankenstein’s monster? Cause I’m about to steal your heart and I need to make sure you can survive without it.

Why was Dr. Frankenstein never lonely?
He was good at making friends.

What did Dr. Frankenstein’s assistant say when others asked why he is working for him?
“I’m only trying to make a living.”

Where did Frankenstein the monster get his humor?

Did you hear that Dr. Frankenstein is experimenting with a new monster made with a cheese body?
It’s Frankenstein’s Muenster.

What is Frankenstein’s favorite Disney song?
“I’ll make a man out of you.”

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
(Dracula who?)
Knock knock.
(Who’s there?)
(Frankenstein who?)
(Who’s there?)
The Knock Less Monster.

Where did Frankenstein go to get his tattoo done?
Monsters Ink.

Why was there a spark between Frankenstein and his bride?
He couldn’t resistor.

What did Dr. Frankenstein say when his monster spat on him?
It’s Saliva.

How did Frankenstein know Jesus was coming for a visit?
He used his frankincense.

On a first date.
Girl: So, are you religious?
Frankenstein: I’m part Catholic.
Girl: Oh…your mother or your father?
Frankenstein: My foot.

Why didn’t Dr. Frankenstein ever make a second monster?
Because he just didn’t have the guts to do it again.

Why can you always trust Frankenstein’s monster?
He’s got somebody else’s back, he could probably handle yours.

Why did Dr. Frankenstein hire Igor as his assistant?
He had a hunch about him

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What did Dr. Frankenstein say when Pinocchio’s nose grew?

What was Dr. Frankenstein’s dog’s name?

What did Frankenstein say to his assistant?
“Hey, can you give me a hand?”

With all his flaws, why was Dr. Frankenstein a damn good orator?
He really knew how to bring people together.

What did the Doctor say to the worried Frankenstein’s monster?
“Pull yourself together.”

How does Frankenstein speak?

Where does a thrifty Frankenstein get his limbs?
At the second-hand second hand store.

An extremely handsome man walks into a bar.
He takes a seat at the bar and strikes up a conversation with a few of the girls. He’s charming, and the girls adore him. He spends most of the night talking. After a while, however, Frankenstein enters. Frankenstein is rather ugly. Perhaps even hideous for obvious reasons.
The handsome man grimaces but says nothing offensive before returning to his conversation with the girls. An hour later, he returns to find Frankenstein surrounded by a group of girls. He is perplexed but continues to flirt with the girls and buy them drinks. After an hour, Frankenstein leaves the bar with every single girl.
He turns to the bartender and says, “Man, I don’t understand! Here I am, handsome and humorous, but the women all leave with the potato! How did he do it?”
The bartender replies, “I haven’t the slightest. All he did was sit there and lick his eyebrows.”

Why is Cheese Frankenstein so scary?
He’s a Muenster.

What’s a smart Frankenstein called?

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Why did the villagers hate Frankenstein?
Because he was a Jew.

What do you title a book about a Jewish girl brought back to life?
The Diary of Anne Frankenstein.

What would you call Dr. Frankenstein if he were made of fruit
A peach cobbler.

What do Italy and Frankenstein have in common?
They both have a bad history with the mob.

How does Dr. Frankenstein keep track of his body parts?
He uses an organ-izer.

What did Igor say when Dr. Frankenstein inquires about the whereabouts of his monster?
“I’m not sure, but I have a hunch.”

What Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein had in common?
They were body builders!

Did you hear about Dr. Frankenstein’s order on Amazon?
It wasn’t expensive, but the shipping cost him an arm and a leg.

Frankenstein’s monster went to a party.
The bride asks him if he wants to dance, but the monster declines. She asks him if he has two left feet, and he confirms it by saying, “It’s not my fault. The Doctor couldn’t find a right foot for me.”

Why did Frankenstein hit the Wisconsin cheese with a hammer?
He wanted to do the Muenster Mash.

How does a mad scientist get out of trouble with the authorities?
The bribe of Frankenstein.

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What’s the difference between The Cosby Show and Frankenstein?
On the Cosby Show, he was both the doctor and the monster.

Why was Frankensteins’ monster always so angry?
He was all screwed up in the head.

What was Viktor Frankenstein’s favorite sport?
Body building.

What does Frankenstein drive?
A monster truck.

What’s the difference between Frankenstein and Dracula?
One is a Necromancer while the other is a Neck-romancer.

Why was Frankenstein’s monster fun at parties?
The guy always was a real cut up.

Simba was very close to making Frankenstein when he realized he forgot an arm.
He was only a limb away, a limb away, a limb away.

Why was Frankenstein so rich?
He was into crypto currencies.

What’s special about Frankenstein’s monster?
It is more famous than all the other monsters put together.

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How does Frankenstein begin his day?
With a shock of lighting.

“Igor, have you seen my latest invention?” asked Dr. Frankenstein. “It’s a new pill that’s made up of half glue and half aspirin.”
“But what is it for?” asked Igor.
Dr. Frankenstein replied, “For monsters with splitting headaches.”

What makes you think Frankenstein is tired?
He’s dead on his feet.

Why did Frankenstein’s monster consult a therapist?
He thought he had a screw loose.

Why is Frankenstein’s monster afraid of flying?
His bolts always set off the airport alarms.

Why wasn’t Frankenstein allowed to attend school with a witch?
He couldn’t spell.

Which baseball team is Frankenstein’s favorite?
The Frankees.

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Why did Frankenstein decide to go solar?
For the free charge.

Why was Frankenstein being arrested all the time?
He was easy to charge.

How come Frankenstein is so entertaining?
Because he soon has you in stitches.

How does Frankenstein get comfortable in a chair?
Bolt upright.

Why doesn’t Frankenstein’s monster m*sturbate?
Because he doesn’t want to touch another guy’s d*ck.

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Why can’t the Frankenstein monster have kids?
Because his nuts are on his neck.

What kind of p*nis does Frankenstein have?
A hallow weenie.

What do you call it when Frankenstein’s Monster gets a boner?
A reserrection.

Did you hear about when the Bride of Frankenstein helped him replace a missing neck bolt?
Turns out, all he needed was a big screw.

Did you hear about the procrastinating hooker at Frankenstein’s bachelor party?
She had a monster to do list.

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