25 Labor Day Memes For Celebrating Long Weekend

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Every year people across the world commemorate Labour Day on May 1st also known as May Say. In the late 1800s, American workers faced 12-hour work days for 7 days a week under very difficult conditions. Eventually, labor unions had had enough and on May 1st 1886, hundreds of thousands of people went on strike across the country calling for eight-hour work days. Three days later, a bomb went off in Chicago’s Haymarket Square the city at the center of the unrest as tensions escalated between strikers and strikebreakers killing seven police officers, four civilians and execution of 4 union leaders. After the tragic event, labor groups and political activists around the world had begun to mark Haymarket Square on May 1st which was known as International Workers’ Day.

In the US, the event only sparked a stronger push for workers’ rights but it wasn’t until nearly a decade later that President Grover Cleveland signed into law, Labor day as a holiday in 1894. But the holiday was set for the first Monday in September as it was an attempt to distance any association with the Haymarket riots over fears that would fuel support radical ideas. May Day became a huge celebration in communist countries such as China, Vietnam, Cuba, Laos, North Korea, and the former Soviet Union. May Day parades in these countries are typically elaborate, including displays of military hardware and soldiers. While May 1st continued to be recognized as Labour day across the rest of the world as the holiday was eventually embraced internationally.

Labor Day memes are ideal for a fun family weekend away. Because most people do not have to work on this day, many people can enjoy a relaxing long weekend. Pick a funny meme or two from this list to send to your family if you want to join in on the fun. Labor Day funny pictures and images will never go out of style because everyone loves a Happy Labor Day wish.

Funny Labor Day Memes

1. Best of luck!

Labor Day Meme on Retail Employees

2. Let’s shift it to the first Monday of September.

International Workers Day Meme on America

3. Evil Boss.

Labor Day Boss Meme

4. Yeah if it’s a holiday!

Labor Day Office Meme

5. Working on Labor day!

Labor Day Work Meme

6. Not the best plan!

Labor Day Meme on Boss

7. *Wink*

Labor Day Meme for Children

8. For those working, have both!

Labor Day Grill Meme

9. Happy Labor Day, moms!

Happy Labor Day Meme on Mom

10. Difficult choices!

Labor Day Student Meme

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11. Deal with problems like adults!

Labor Day Work Email Meme

12. Hail the unions!

Star Trek Union Meme

13. Happy Labrador Weekend!

Labrador Weekend Meme

14. What’s with wearing white the day after labor day?

Wearing White After Labor Day Meme

15. Fun begins!

Labor Day School Meme

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16. Three days to live!

Labor Day 3 Day Weekend Meme

17. A history meme!

Labor Day History Meme

18. Cheers!

Labor Day Union Meme

19. Only for hard-working people!

Happy Labor Day Meme on Hardwork

20. For the lazy ones!

Labor Day Panda Meme

21. Eat, drink and sleep!

Funny Labor Day Meme on Mine

22. Summer is over!

End of Summer Meme on Labor Day

23. Labor day hungover!

Tuesday After Labor Day Meme

24. Start vs end of labor day weekend!

Start vs End of Labor Day Weekend Meme

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25. That pain!

After Labor Day Weekend Meme

Labor Day recognises workers’ contributions to our economy. We celebrate by not working and sharing memes.

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