20 Funny Passover Memes to Keep Your Seder Light And Lively

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Welcome to our Passover Meme Blog, where we bring a lighthearted twist to the traditional Seder night! As we retell the story of the Exodus, let’s also embrace the joy and humor that can be found in the Passover experience.

Here, you’ll discover a delightful assortment of memes and gags that playfully reimagine the ancient tale and its many customs. From matzo mishaps to creative takes on the Ten Plagues, our collection will have you and your Seder guests laughing all the way to the Promised Land. So, gather around the table, pour a glass of wine, and let’s embark on this humorous journey together, making this Passover one to remember!

Happy Passover Memes

1. Pesach Memes are coming!

Passover Seder Table Meme

2. Passover starter pack!

Passover Starter Pack Meme

3. Purim vs Passover

Purim vs Passover Meme

4. Oh yeah!

Parsha Meme on Blood Water

5. Rough day after Passover and Easter

Passover and Easter Hangover Meme

6. Dude didn’t know!

10 Plagues Meme on Egypt

7. Found it?

Chametz Meme on Pesach

8. When it comes to kosher food, there’s no bacon for mistakes.

Kosher Meme on Passover

9. Welcome to Passover!

Lamb Sauce Meme on Passover

10. What about dipping?!

Seder Meme on Karpas

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11. Ramesses got trolled!

Let My People Go Meme on Moses

12. Wow! What?!

Rice Meme on Passover

13. Not completed cleaning yet!

Passover Cleaning Meme

14. The perfect passover cake!

Passover Cake Meme

15. Wait a minute, why are they painting blood?!

Egyptian Meme on Passover

16. Happy Easter and Passover!

Easter and Passover meme

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17. Awkward!

Four Questions Meme on Passover

18. Matzo is just big saltines!

Matzo Meme on Passover

19. Happy Pesach!

Happy Pesach Meme on Passover

20. Pro-move!

Passover Meme on Moses and Pharaoh

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