50 Funny Easter Memes of 2024 That Will Make You ROFL

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Easter Sunday is approaching quicker than Peter Cottontail can bounce down the rabbit trail, which means it’s almost time to break out the egg dying kits, plan your Easter dinner menu, and start putting together your family’s Easter baskets. Despite the fact that there is a lot to do before the Easter Bunny arrives, making time to share these funny Easter memes will be a welcome addition to the festivities.

The Christian festival, which this year falls on Sunday, April 9th, has been held as a commemoration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection since the second century. Easter, like many other religious festivals (think Christmas), has evolved into a very commercial celebration with chocolate rabbits, Easter baskets, and colorfully colored eggs. The Easter Bunny, of course, arrives in the middle of the night with baskets full of goodies and treats to excite kids all around the world on Easter Sunday morning.

These Happy Easter memes are ideal for Zoom get-togethers, Instagram status, or any time you come across an unwitting child in need of a pun or a laugh. You can send one out on Easter morning to wish for their well-being. You can utilize one of our Easter jokes to keep your friends close and chuckle with them. You may be viewed as oh-so-corny at whichever time you choose to share your wonderful memes, but you know you’ll be building relationships.

Since you are going to have a hard time laughing, let’s start by making you smile. Let’s take a look at some of the fun facts about Easter:

  • The Easter Bunny (Osterhase) originated in Germany. It was first mentioned in the 1500s in German writings.
  • From where did Easter get its name? This Christian holiday was named after Eostre, an Anglo-Saxon goddess who was represented as a Goddess of Fertility, Dawn, and Light.
  • Eggs are dyed blood red to symbolize Jesus’ blood in Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches before being blessed and distributed to attendees.
  • When filled to the capacity with eggs, the handwoven Easter basket represents birds’ nests and new life.
  • 76 percent of Americans claim they bite off a chocolate bunny’s ears first, followed by 5% who bites off the feet first, and 4% who bite off the tail first.
  • The art of pysanka, or egg decorating, is a Ukrainian tradition.
  • In 2017, the National Confectioners Association estimated that 16 billion jelly beans will be purchased and devoured in the United States.
  • Bristol created the first chocolate egg in the United Kingdom in 1873. Cadbury’s produced its first Easter egg two years later, in 1875.
  • In 12 of Germany’s 16 federal states, it is banned to dance in public for the full day on Good Friday. The remaining four have imposed partial prohibitions.

Best Easter Memes of 2024

1. This is a Religious Easter meme.

Satan Meme on Crucifixion vs Resurrection

2. My doctor after finding out about my Easter binging on candy.

Diabeetus meme on Easter

3. Kids are fast af.

Easter Egg Meme

4. Whaa..what?

Easter Bunny Meme

5. How can we honour your sacrifice?

Easter Meme on Eggs

6. Three Whole Days.

Jesus Meme on Easter

7. Mary at Jesus’s tomb.

Mary Meme on Easter

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8. Have we crossed a line?

Easter Cookie Meme on Nailed

9. Girls on Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday Meme on Girls

10. And on the third day…..!

The Third Day He Rose Again meme on Easter

11. There is another one, folks!

Easter Celebration Meme on Netherlands

12. Which one are you?

Funny Easter Meme on Doge

13. Dads at 1am.

Easter Sunday Night Meme on Chocolate

14. Oh Look more candy.

Easter Candy Meme on Dory

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15. Happy Ether.

Ether Bunny Meme on Easter

16. Brown or white chocolate?

Chocolate Easter Egg Meme

17. Evil Easter Bunny Be Like.

Evil Easter Bunny Meme

18. That’s a nice grave there.

That's a nice grave there Meme on Jesus Christ

19. Parking lot on Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday Meme on Church Parking

20. Thug Life moment!

Bible Meme on Jesus Resurrection

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21. Are ya risen, son?

Are ya risen son Meme on Jesus Resurrection

22. Spare a thought for Roman soldiers.

Easter Sunday Meme on Roman Soldiers

23. Easter Basket for grownups.

Easter Basket Meme on Grownups

24. Happy Easter to all bunnies.

Happy Easter Meme on Bunny

25. Egg hunt begins.

Easter Egg Hunt Meme

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26. Why wasn’t I told earlier?

Easter Egg Hunt Plan Meme

27. Shoutout to Judas.

Judas Meme on Easter Weekend

28. Resurrection of Jesus.

Jesus Easter Meme on Grave

29. Merchandise marketing is On!

Jesusu Crucifixion Meme

30. The day after Easter.

Monday After Easter Meme

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