20 Teachers’ Day Memes That Will Crack You Up

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Parents are a child’s first teacher, teaching them life lessons, followed by the Guru or teacher, who guides the child through life. Our teachers played an important role in our impressionable years; they were role models, inspirations, and parent figures outside of our homes who taught us many life lessons. They may have been tough on us at times, but in retrospect, it was only to mould and shape our talents, to force us to face our fears and work on our weaknesses.

A good teacher not only imparts knowledge to their students, but they also inspire, encourage, and instil curiosity to solve problems. Teachers’ Day is an important day celebrated around the world to honour these remarkable people in our lives. For example, it is observed in the first week of May in the United States as Teacher Appreciation Week and on October 5 in the United Kingdom as World Teacher’s Day. Meanwhile, in India, Teachers’ Day is observed annually on September 5, which also marks the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

Teachers’ Day is a special day to thank and remember the teachers who shaped us and to express our gratitude to them. Never forget to send your best wishes to the best teacher who has had a lasting impact on you. Choose from the Teachers’ Day memes and funny pictures below to make your favourite teacher smile.

Funny Teachers’ Day Memes

1. Teacher Equality!

Happy Teachers Day Meme on Indian Youtubers

2. Happy Teachers’ Day!

Best Teachers Day Meme on TV Show

3. The Wishes Spam Chain!

Teachers Day Professor Meme

4. Have a great Teachers’ Day!

I Wish Bugs Bunny Meme on Teachers Day

5. The ultimate teacher!

Happy Teachers Day Meme on Johnny Sins

6. On a spiritual level!

Inspirational Teacher Meme

7. All great!

Teachers Day Whisky Meme

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8. That moment!

Teachers Day Saree Meme

9. Gift galore!

Teachers Day Gift Meme

10. One day of respect!

Student and Teacher Meme on Teachers Day

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11. Every PT teacher!

Teachers Day Meme on PT sir

12. Band kar!

Teachers Day Wishes Meme

13. Mark the date!

5 September Meme

14. All study on Teachers’ Day.

Funny Teachers Day Meme on Study

15. Guru Purnima is here!

Guru Purnima Meme on Teacher

16. The best gift ever!

Funny Teachers Day Meme on Guru

17. True story!

Teachers Day vs Childrens Day Meme

18. The best speech ever!

Best Teachers Day Speech Meme

19. Backbenchers got no chill!

Teachers Day Celebration Meme

20. What are you planning?

Teachers Day Pen Gift Meme

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