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81 Dirty Christmas Pick-Up Lines to Flirt With Him And Her

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Amartya Sharma

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Christmas isn’t just a time for merry-making, gift-giving, and indulging in delicious feasts; it’s also a season ripe for a little playful flirting for teens and adults. This festive period, bedecked with twinkling lights and mistletoe, creates a whimsical backdrop that can spark a bit of romantic mischief. Pick-up lines, those quirky and often humorous icebreakers, become part of the holiday cheer. They’re like the Christmas crackers of conversation – a bit cheesy, sometimes unexpected, but always aiming to bring a smile. And just as Santa has a sack full of gifts, Christmas party-goers come equipped with an arsenal of lines, hoping to find someone special under the tree.

Now, when it comes to Dirty Christmas Pick-Up Lines, the stakes are a tad higher, and the blushes a bit deeper. These aren’t your grandma’s “Ho ho ho” jokes. They are the naughty list of the pick-up world, sprinkled with a hint of Christmas magic and a dash of daring. Imagine combining the warmth of a Christmas fireplace with the sizzle of a New Year’s Eve firework – that’s the essence of these lines. They’re for those who like their eggnog spiked and their humor a little on the daring side. Just remember, the key to delivering these lines is not just the words you choose, but the twinkle in your eye and the mischievous grin on your lips.

Sexual Christmas Pick-Up Lines

  1. Hey girl, if you jingle my bells, I’ll promise you a white Christmas.
  2. If Santa is not coming tonight hit me up, I sure can.
  3. Hey boy, if you trim your Christmas tree it will make your presents look bigger!
  4. Dang girl, are you snow? Cause I wanna plow you the night before Christmas.
  5. Is your name Jesus? Cause you are getting nailed tonight.
  6. If your left leg was Christmas and your right leg was Easter, would you let me spend some time between the holidays?
  7. Hey girl, are you a Christmas tree? Cause I want to hang my balls in you.
  8. Just bought some weed cause, given that you’re an angel from heaven, I need to get high!
  9. Hey boy, are you gingerbread? Cause I sure have a sweet tooth for you!
  10. Hey girl, do you like Santa? Cause I want to sneak into your house at night and empty my sack.
  11. I like my girls how I like Jesus, tied to a cross.
  12. Are you a mistletoe? Because my lips are under you.
  13. I’m no elf on the shelf but for you baby, I could switch positions every night.
  14. Are you a Holiday Meal? Because you’re making my pants tighter and tighter.
  15. Are you Rudolph? Because I want you to one horse open SLAY ME B*TCH!
  16. The Christmas tree won’t be the only thing with an angel on top of it.
  17. Are you Adam Sandler? Because I’m ready to give you 8 crazy nights!
  18. You can call me Christmas. Because I come very fast.
  19. I’m no fan of ballet but you could be my nutcracker tonight!
  20. Let’s both be naughty this year and save Santa the trip!
  21. You know I’ve got a Christmas sale going on, your clothes are 100% off at my place.
  22. Are you a Christmas present? Because you look like you need to be laid under the Christmas tree.
  23. Hey girl are you a baker? Cause you’re about to make this ginger nut!
  24. They say if you kiss an angel you’ll be immortal. So yeah you can kiss me as long as you want!
  25. I’m not Santa Claus but I’ll still get inside your chimney and drop off a present!
  26. Christmas won’t be the only thing coming if you’re the star on top of my tree.
  27. If your left leg was Thanksgiving and you’re right Christmas would let me visit between the holidays?
  28. Hey boy, are you a candy cane? Cause I wanna suck on you this Christmas!
  29. Hey girl, are you a Christmas stocking? Because I want to use you as a cum sock!
  30. Hey, are you Santa? Cause I wanna b ure ho!

Recommended: Rude Christmas Jokes

  1. Hey, baby are you a night elf? Because your sacred grove is about to be desecrated!
  2. Hey girl, I hope you like my Christmas breakfast, because I’d love to knock the gravy outta your biscuit with my sausage!
  3. Damn girl, I’m like the Christian crusaders and your legs are like the good word of Jesus, ’cause I wanna spread it by any means necessary!
  4. Do you like Christmas? Because you can jingle my bells.
  5. You’re so beautiful, angels would make mistletoe rain from the heavens. Just for the chance to feel your lips!
  6. Damn girl I know it’s not Christmas yet, but I have a present for you. It’s chlamydia.
  7. Are you an oven on Christmas dinner? Because I want to put my c*ck inside you!
  8. Your name must be Christmas, cause I just came early.
  9. I may not be Santa but if you sit on my lap i can make your wishes come true!
  10. Are you a Christian girl? Because I wanna make you leak holy water this Christmas.
  11. Are you decorating for Christmas? Because I’ve got a tree that you can top!
  12. Girl your legs are like presents on Christmas morning. All I want to do is open them and play with what’s inside!
  13. You must be the Lord and Savior, cause Jesus Christ you’re hot!
  14. Hey, wanna pretend to be Christmas presents? And get laid under the tree!
  15. If one thigh is Halloween and the other is Christmas does that mean I get to eat out Thanksgiving?!

Recommended: Adult Santa Jokes

  1. Be my Jesus to the cross in my heart because I wanna tie you up and pin you against the wall!
  2. Hey, do you still believe in Santa Claus? Cause I would sure like to come down your chimney.
  3. Are you my Christmas present? Because I can’t wait to rip off your packaging.
  4. Do you have a mistletoe on your belly button? Cause I’m craving the taste of Christmas spirit.
  5. Hey girl, are you the Christmas Spirit? Because I wanna cum on ye, faceful.
  6. One of my favorite things to do on Christmas will be to unwrap you… O I mean gifts… with you!
  7. Did you make Santa’s Naughty List this year? Need help getting there?!
  8. Hey, baby are you the Grinch? Because your a**hole is looking 3 sizes too small and I wanna show you the Christmas spirit.
  9. I’m not Santa Claus but I’d still eat your cookie!
  10. Are you Krampus? Because you’ve got me tied up in knots.
  11. Are you on Santa’s Naughty list? Wanna be?!
  12. Here girl, let me help you out of that ugly Christmas sweater!
  13. Did you figure out what you’re wearing to the Christmas party? Because you can wear me out!
  14. Baby, you’re so hot, you make the equator look like the north pole.
  15. Hey boy, are you Santa Clause? Cause I want to sit on your lap!

Recommended: Naughty Christmas Memes

  1. Christmas may not be coming for another month, but you could be cumming tonight!
  2. You wanna be like the Grinch and Max? Ride me even though I’m too small!
  3. Let’s pretend your left knee is Christmas and your right knee is New Year’s Eve. Can I visit you between the Holidays?!
  4. Hey girl, what’s the difference between you and snow? I don’t wanna plow snow all winter long!
  5. You can call me Rudolf… … ’cause you sleighed me.
  6. Some of my best toys run on batteries… (wink, wink)
  7. Are we exchanging Christmas presents? Cause you just gave me a boner!
  8. Wanna meet Santa’s little helper? He’s not so little if you know what I mean…!
  9. Girl you’re like a magnet cause my South pole wants to go to your North pole!
  10. Wanna check out my mistletoe belt buckle?
  11. Just because I’ve got bells on my shoes doesn’t mean I’ma sissy!
  12. Christmas comes but once a year, but I bet I can make you come three times in an hour.
  13. That shade of lipstick would look great on my candy cane.
  14. Are you sitting on a candle? Because your booty is on fire.
  15. If kisses were snowflakes, I’d send you a blizzard.

Recommended: Dark Humor Christmas Jokes

  1. Is your name Krampus? Because you’ve stolen my naughty thoughts.
  2. Are you an ornament? Cause you should get on my Christmas tree!
  3. If we were elves, we’d be making more than toys in Santa’s workshop tonight.
  4. Ever make it with a fat guy with a whip?!
  5. How about we make this a Not-So-Silent Night?!
  6. Hey girl, for Christmas last year, I got a sweater, but this year, I’d prefer a moaner or a squirter.

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