20 Funny Black History Month Jokes And Puns This Year

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Every February, neighborhoods across the country transform into celebration hubs for Black History Month. Imagine strolling down the street, where every corner bursts with the rich tales of African American heroes. There’s Martin Luther King Jr., waving from a mural, reminding us to dream big. Over there, Harriet Tubman is leading a tour of the Underground Railroad, right past your local coffee shop! It’s a time when history books come alive, dancing through the streets, and we’re all invited to join the parade. It’s like a month-long birthday party for some of the coolest people in history! But hold on, what’s a celebration without a few laughs? That’s where Black History Month Jokes come into play.

Now, let’s talk about Black History Month Jokes. It’s like adding a sprinkle of humor to a history lesson. They remind us that history can be fun, and even our heroes had their fun moments. So, next time you’re learning about these incredible figures, remember, it’s okay to crack a smile. After all, history is not just about the serious stuff; it’s about the fun times too!

Best Black History Month Jokes

February is Black History Month.
This means in Florida, today it’s January 59th.

Happy Black History Month.
To someone we hope isn’t offended by the word ‘black’.

Why is February black history month?
It’s 3/5ths as long as the other months.

Why was the math book interested in Black History Month?
Because it heard there were a lot of figures involved.

Why is there a black history month but not a white history month?
Because whites have accomplished so much that there isn’t room enough to celebrate them in only one month.

Black people have black history day so what do white people have?
Father’s Day.

Why do some idiots hate Black History Month?
They say, “It’s the darkest month of the year!”

Why was the computer so good at celebrating Black History Month?
Because it had a hard drive full of history!

Heard about the Black History Month Bake Sale?
Vanilla Cupcakes: $1.
Colored Cupcakes: 3/5th of $1.

Why was the Black History Month so proud?
It had a lot of dates (a whole month) to remember!

Did you know, the KKK were actually the first people to celebrate black history month?
If they saw you, and you were black, you were history.

How did Spider-Man punish his sons for misbehaving during Black History Month?
W.E.B. da boys.

Did you hear about Fannie Lou Hamer?
The First Black Woman to be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

This Black History Month, let’s remember who is the richest African American ever.
Elon Musk.

Why did the comedian love Black History Month?
Because it’s a time to celebrate heroes who truly “stand-up”!

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Did you hear about Joe Jackson?
He was the first father to successfully beat The Black Off His Child.

Why was the Black History Month parade so energetic?
Because it had a lot of civil “rights”!

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