60 Best Earth Day Jokes For Kids And Adults in 2023

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Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd. This year in 2023, it is falling on Saturday. But why do we need it? In our solar system, there are 8 primary planets but we only live on one i.e., Earth which is green and blue in color. Since we only have one Earth, we need to take care of it similarly to our bodies. That’s why Earth Day is a day we learn about various ways to protect the environment, our livelihood, and our homes.

Now, there are a lot of ways by which we can protect this planet and we are going to discuss only one day, laughing. Yes, what can be better way to educate your children about saving the environment on Earth Day than jokes and memes?! We have aggregated some of the funniest Earth Day jokes which are humorous and will help create a joyous environment.

Funny Earth Day Jokes

From clever quips about recycling to playful puns on pollution, our Earth Day jokes are a light-hearted way to remind us all about the importance of preserving our planet for future generations. So, whether you’re a tree-hugger or a sustainability savant, these jokes are guaranteed to tickle your eco-friendly funny bone, proving that laughter truly is the best medicine for both the soul and the environment.

Is the planet round or flat?
Neither, it is screwed.

A guy walks into a bar and orders a beer.
“So what are you doing to celebrate Earth Day?” the bartender asks.
“Oh, already done,” the guy replies.
“I sent all my work related e-mails to my recycling bin.”

What does Earth get on Earth Day?
A birthday quake.

Did you hear about the guy who got arrested by cops for celebrating Earth Day and switching off all plugs?
He shouldn’t have done it in a hospital.

Do you know us celebrating Earth Day is like an abusive spouse getting their wife flowers on Mother’s Day?
It’s all nicely nice right now, but you know she’s still getting drilled for something later.

When was our world born?
On it’s b-earth-day!

So today is Earth day!
on what grounds are we celebrating?

This 4/20, please remember Earth Day.
It’s 4/22.

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Tree Jokes

What do trees feel on Earth Day?

What do the trees wear to the pool party?
Swimming trunks.

What did the teaching tree do when on Earth Day?
He took a leaf of absence.

What happened to the leaf when he was caught cheating during the Earth Day quiz?
He was disqua-leaf-ied.

How do leaves go to the Earth Day party?
They use an autumn-mobile.

How do trees promote the pledge to protect the Earth?
By handing out leaf-lets.

How do trees open the website to learn more about protecting the planet?
They log-in.

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there on Earth Day?)
(Tree who?)
Have a tree-rific day!

How does the Old Tree let the others know about throwing an Earth Day party?
Through a teleafone.

What does one leaf say to the other on Earth Day eve?
“I’m falling for you.”

Why did the leaf go to the doctor on Earth Day?
It was feeling green.

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Bee Jokes

What does the bee say to the flower on Earth Day?
“Hey bud!”

What do you call a Bee that works for the government?
A pollentician.

What’s a honey bee’s favorite gift for Earth Day?
A Bee-gonia.

What does a bee use to style her hair on Earth Day?
Of course, her honeycomb.

Where do bees go to celebrate Earth Day?
Beejing and Sting-apore.

Which band do the bees invite to the Earth Day party?

What snack do the bees buy on April 22nd?

What vegetable does the bee family eat on Earth Day?

What games do the bee kids play on April 22nd?
Ultimate fris-bee and Rug-bee!

How do bees go to Earth Day celebrations?
They take the buzz.

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Save Environment Jokes

What does the Earth say to other planets of the Solar System?
You guys have no life.

What is irony?
A small ATM room with having AC and 5 tube lights, working 24 hours, is asking me not to print receipts to save the environment.

How does President Biden plan on fighting record high temperatures?
By switching from Fahrenheit to Celsius!

Why did the wife leave her husband?
He tried saving water by showering with the neighbor’s daughter.

How do you save energy?
You should normally use the couch.

What is a Good Ice Breaker question for dating?
Anything on Global Warming.

Who has done the most for the environment apart from Greta?

How do oil companies deal with oil spills?
Slick lawyers.

Which bird suffers a lot from air pollution?

Why are people tired on April 22nd?
Because they just finished March.

Why did the teenager take a dump, did some drugs, and went for a bike ride all year?
He saw a pamphlet mentioning the 3 R s of the Environment: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”

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Environmentalist Jokes

What do you get when you cross an environmentalist with direct action?

What do environmentalists love about laptops?
They have a recycle bin.

What’s so special about Earth Day?
It’s the one day of the year when you can jerk off outside and nothing bad will happen to you.

Why should we keep Earth clean?
Because it is not Uranus.

How many climate skeptics does it take to change a lightbulb?
None cause they’d rather live in the dark.

What did the environmentalists get when he sat down too long on a melting iceberg?

What kind of people are fed up with people who litter?

What is the dirtiest word an environmentalist knows?

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Global Warming Jokes

Why does only 85% of the world believe that Global warming is happening?
The other 15% work in the Oil industry.

One Iceberg to another: You are breaking up with me.
The other iceberg: Sorry babe, global warming.

What if the Earth was an apartment?
We won’t be getting our deposit back.

What gives that I don’t have a carbon footprint?
I drive everywhere.

What did the Alien’s report on intelligent life on Earth say?
There is no intelligent life down there. They still believe that taxing people who produce things will lower their planet’s temperature.

What is the positive proof of Global warming?
Check the size of women’s undergarments since the 18th century.

Why are Vegans increasing Global warming?
Vegans eat plants. Plants reduce CO2. CO2 causes Global warming.

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
Endangered Species.
(Endangered Species, who?)
[silence due to extinction of species between delivery of lines]

Teacher: As a result of Global warming, our next generation will not be able to see tigers. So what do we do?
Student: So what? We never complain that we didn’t get to see Dinosaurs.

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