60 Funny Global Warming Jokes That Will Keep You Afloat

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Did you know that in 2015, the town of Inuvik in Canada’s Arctic built a “freezer” to store their winter snow, in order to combat the impact of global warming on their annual snow castle festival? Talk about a chilly solution to a hot problem! With that in mind, we’ve compiled a collection of hilarious global warming jokes for you.

Using humor to discuss global warming can help make the conversation more engaging, making it easier for people to learn about and address this critical issue. These side-splitting gags, puns, and one-liners will not only tickle your funny bone but also serve as a lighthearted reminder of the importance of addressing climate change. So let’s laugh, learn, and love our planet together as we explore these rib-tickling global warming jokes!

Best Global Warming Jokes

What is called when worms take over Earth?
Global worming.

Did you hear about Titanic II gearing up to set sail in 2023?
Good thing we melted all our glaciers in the preparation.

Why did the Cold War end?
Global warming started.

Everyone knows global warming is bad.
But wouldn’t it be kinda funny if dinosaurs made humans go extinct?!

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
(Global who?)
Global warming is knocking, and we better answer before it’s too late!

What do you do if you don’t know what to talk about on a first date?
Try mentioning Global Warming. It’s a huge icebreaker.

Did you hear Hansel from Zoolander is an activist for Global Warming now?
He teamed up with Greta Thunberg. Their movement is called “Hansel & Greta: So Hot Right Now!”

Why should we all stop studying to prevent global warming?
Because everytime someone graduates, the world increases by a degree.

Yo mama so fat, just her breathing causes global warming.

Did you know global warming is reducing terrorism?
The ISIS melting.

What do flat-earthers call global warming?

Why did humanity fail to stop global warming?
It was too polarizing.

Did you watch the movie about the dangers of global warming?
It was good but had an anticlimatic ending.

If we really do live in a simulation, I think I know how they programmed global warming.
They most likely used an “Al-Gore-Ithm.”

Why did the global warming activist compliment the earth?
Cause it looked hotter than usual!

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Why was there no global warming in the Middle Ages?
Because the earth was flat back then.

Is it okay to mock kids for protesting global warming?
Not in the current climate.

Yo mama so fat when she walks, the friction from her legs causes global warming.

Friend: I don’t believe in global warming.
Little Johnny: It would be so much cooler if you did though.

What if this whole Global Warming thing doesn’t happen?
Boy, will that be anticlimatic!

According to a news story, if global warming continues, in 20 years the only chance we’ll have to see a polar bear is in a zoo.
So in other words, basically nothing is going to change.

Did you know that global warming is making students do worse?
Because all I’ve heard is that C levels are rising.

Why is Global warming so funny?
Even the Antarctic ice sheets are cracking up.

Why don’t conservatives believe in global warming?
Because of all the snowflakes.

First, we had an ice age, now there is global warming.
It’s almost as if the Earth is bipolar.

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What did the Swiss mountaineer say when he got to a mountain where global warming was reversing itself?
“Let’s go climate!”

If you live in an igloo, what’s the worst thing about global warming?
No privacy!

How do they calculate global warming?

Did you know that the fish in Egypt don’t believe in global warming?
They’re in Da Nile.

Yo mama so hot, she’s causin’ global warming.

What’s a flat earther’s solution to global warming?
Blow the C02 off the edge.

What if aliens are responsible for global warming?
And this is just their way of breaking the ice.

Do you know that nobody cares about global warming?
Not even polar bears, they’re too busy learning how to swim.

Why are pirates so eco-friendly?
They always follow the three arrrrrrrs.

How to get out of buying your kids Christmas presents?
Explain to them that due to Global Warming that the North Pole melted and that Santa and the Reindeer drowned.

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Mankind: we will never slow down or shut down to help this climate change.
Mommy nature: Here is a virus. Practice.

Yo mama so fat, her farts are a leading cause of global warming.

How do you make an Eskimo lose his cool?
Global Warming.

Why didn’t the parents let their kids watch the documentary on global warming?
Too much Gore.

What happens when you put a globe in a microwave?
Global warming.

Do you know that Global warming will kill every single person on this planet?
A great time to get married.

Why don’t people take action against global warming?
Some people just want to watch the world burn.

What will happen to the capital of Finland if global warming doesn’t stop soon?

What do you get when you cross an environmentalist with direct action?

What’s the similarity between global warming and the gender reveal party?
Both can cause forest fire.

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Do you know that sea levels aren’t rising due to global warming?
They are rising due to the increase in obesity. The continents are actually sinking.

Why do scientists rarely study global warming?
Because of atmos(fear).

What do chefs call global warming?

How do you throw a party for Earth?
Just turn up the heat and watch the ice break!

What did the polar bear say as the ice started to melt?
“This is unbearable!”

Why did the Earth take up knitting?
To make itself a cooler blanket!

What did the tree’s say after hearing about global warming?
“I’m rooting for a cooler planet!”

Why did the glacier start working out?
It was tired of getting thinner every year due to global warming!

What did the Sun say to Earth during a heatwave?
“You’re just too hot to handle!”

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What do you get when you cross global warming with an iceberg?
A puddle with a cold sense of humor!

Do you know that Hollywood is really taking climate change seriously?
Vin Diesel even changed his name to Vin Solar.

Why is Leonardo so passionate about climate change?
He owes icebergs his whole career.

Did you hear that Little Johnny’s father found some global warming p*rn on his computer?
He didn’t even put it in the recycle bin.

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  1. A climate scientist and a climate change denier walk into a bar.
    The denier says, nice to see you. The climate scientist says, nice to CO2.


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