20 Funny 9/11 Memes You Won’t Forget in Your Lifetime

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In the realm of comedy, even delicate issues occasionally become fodder for memes. However, humor related to 9/11 is often considered off-limits due to the event’s devastating impact. Despite this, comedy can serve as a coping mechanism for challenging topics. As Oscar Wilde aptly put it, “Life is too important to be taken seriously.” This article delves into various 9/11 memes, ranging from al-Qaeda to the Twin Towers, although it’s important to approach this subject with the utmost sensitivity and respect.

If humor is defined as tragedy plus time, how much time precisely is that? When is something “too soon,” and when may it be “too late”? Till you decide let our other readers take a look at these dark humor memes.

Dark 9/11 Memes

1. They just talk about 2.

WTC Building Meme

2. Happy ….. !

Happy 9/11 Meme on Anniversary

3. That card is rated 9 out of 11.

Dark 9/11 Meme on USA

4. Some Freelancer in Arab did a great job!

Al Qaeda Meme on 9/11 attacks

5. Can you take a screenshot?!

9/11 Phone Battery Meme

6. The job!

9/11 Inside Out Job Meme

7. 9/11 hijacker!

9/11 Hijacker Meme

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8. A weird accident!

Twin Tower Attack Meme

9. They thought its a game!

Jenga Meme on 9/11

10. Boys are chad!

Flight Simulator Meme on Twin Tower Crash

11. A-Oh!

Time Traveler Meme on Nine Eleven

12. They did it again!

Terrorist Meme on Twin Towers

13. The crossover we didn’t expect!

Star Wars Meme on 9/11

14. Not a good idea, ask Pakistan!

Osama Bin Laden Meme on 9/11

15. Never forget!

Never Forget Meme on Twin Tower

16. Shoutout to Maasai community!

Kenya Cows Meme on 9/11

17. Bush is not bushing around!

George W Bush Meme on 9/11

18. Not so great now, eh?!

Before and After 9/11 in 2001 Meme

19. Unusual free WiFi!

9/11 Flight Meme on WiFi

20. Conspiracy theory still kicking in!

9/11 Conspiracy Meme on Jet Fuel

Do you like these funny 9/11 Memes? Post your funny reactions to these Twin Tower pictures in the comment section below!

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