Pawri Hori Hai – Meme Origin and Meaning Explained

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The Pawri Hori Hai meme originates from a video posted on Instagram by Pakistani Instagram star Dananeer Mobeen. The video which was posted on 6th February 2021 has gained 8 million views in the first 3 weeks after the girl from Peshawar posted it on the photo and video sharing social networking. In the video, Dananeer says, “Ye Hamari Car Hai, Aur Ye Ye Hum Hain, Aur Ye Hamari Pawri Hori Hai” in her selfie video which looks like a road trip.

Pawri Hori Hai Meme Meaning

Once the video was posted on her Instagram handle @dananeerr (then 120k followers), two things caught the others by surprise. First, the girl’s accent which she tried hard to sound like a western one. Second, is obviously the relatability factor of showing two frames i.e., Ye Car Hai and Ye Hum Hain leading up to the third one Ye Hamari Party Ho Rahi Hai.

Pawri Hori Hai Meme Spread

Many famous Pakistani celebrities have hopped on to the Party Ho Rahi Hai Bandwagon. Soon, a meme video was posted by Pakistani actress Saba Qamar as she recreated it at home with her friend. Later on 11th February, former Pakistani cricketer Wasim Akram and singer-composer Ali Zafar too joined in. On 12th February, Indian musical composer Yashraj Mukhate (earlier recreated Rosode Mei Kaun Tha and Tuada Kutta Tommy) posted his own version on Youtube titled Pawri Hori Hai – Dialogue With Beats. The video has amassed 60 million views as you learn about why the Pawri Hori Hai meme is trending?!!


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