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Between 1978 and 1991, Americans were terrorized for more than a decade. Because a vicious serial killer was on the loose, men and young boys were particularly terrified. Who was he? Jeffrey Dahmer. And today we have created a list of most funniest Jeffrey Dahmer jokes. After all, he must be fed up with people.
Jeffrey Dahmer is widely regarded as the most notorious serial killer in history. Many people are aware of his misdeeds and the way he tortured his victims. Dahmer frequently drugged and sexually assaulted individuals who fell into his trap, even undertaking horrible experiments like putting acid into their brains to transform them into mindless zombies.
Jeffrey Dahmer was found guilty of murder, cannibalism, sexual assault on his victims, and other charges. The buzz surrounding the new Netflix series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story starring Evan Peters is strong, as is typical of serial killer thrillers. Fans praised the gloomy tone, while Peters was praised for getting into the character’s skin.

Funny Jeffrey Dahmer Jokes

What do you find in Jeffrey Dahmer’s freezer?
Ben and Jerry.

What is Jeffrey Dahmer’s perfect job?
Head chef.

What’s the difference between Jeffrey Dahmer and other gay men?
You are what you eat, so not much.

What Dahmer’s girlfriend didn’t ask him to do?
Eat her out.

What’s the worst way for your parents to find out that you are gay?
Jeffrey Dahmer.

What do Jeffrey Dahmer and MILFS have in common?
They both like to eat young guys.

What do Jeffrey Dahmer and a middle eastern person have in common?
They both have their dates in the fridge.

How do you know Jeffrey Dahmer was a smoker?
A pile of butts was discovered behind his couch.

Why didn’t Jeffery Dahmer eat his vegetables?
He didn’t like taking them out of the wheelchair.

Who eats Five Guys for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
Jeffrey Dahmer.

Jeffrey Dahmer, a man who touched the hearts and souls of many children, died today after a lengthy illness. In his life, he was known to cut up many with his sharp wit. Never known to discriminate due to the color of skin, Dahmer really sunk his teeth into many minority causes.

One of his closest friends was quoted as saying, “Hey he wasn’t such a bad guy, he was someone you could go to to to simply chew the fat.”

What does Jeffery Dahmer serve at parties?

What’s the one thing you can say after watching Netflix’s serial killer biopic?
Some of those cops were really, really dumb. The serial killer was Dahmer though.

Why was Jeff Dahmer’s former landlord arrested?
He used to charge an arm and a leg for rent.

Why didn’t Jeffrey Dahmer’s boyfriend break up with him?
He didn’t have the heart to do it.

Why was Jefferey Dahmer despised by his high school drama class?
He always got the meatiest parts.

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How do you know Jeffrey Dahmer would’ve loved Fortnite?
He would have so many skins to choose from.

What do Jeffrey Dahmer and Travis Scott have in common?
Ate dead people.

What was Jeffrey Dahmer’s favorite song as a child?
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes…!

Who was the serial killer that killed more people than Jeffrey Dahmer and never got caught?
Jeffrey Smahter.

What did the bartender say when Jeffrey Dahmer walk into a lesbian bar?
“We don’t serve men here.”

Did you hear that Jeffery Dahmer had a kid while in prison?
It was his last meal.

A Priest says that he got Dahmer to believe in God before he died.
When asked if this would get Dahmer into Heaven, the Priest said, “No, but it was fun to make him think so.”

Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother was over for a visit to have dinner.
Mother: You know Jeffrey, I really don’t like your friends.
Dahmer: Well, let’s just eat the vegetables then.

Jeffrey Dahmer and Armie Hammer are eating at Ronald McDonald.
Armie asks, “Does this taste funny to you?”
Jeffrey responds, “I think it’s ginger.”

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How do you know Jeff Dahmer was a pretty normal guy?
He was having a friend for dinner when he was arrested.

What did Jeffrey Dahmer sing as he went to the refrigerator?
My Bologna had a first name.

What kind of shampoo did Jeffrey Dahmer use?
Head and Shoulders.

What was Jeffrey Dahmer’s favorite food?
Kid-knee beans.

Why did Jeffrey Dahmer keep a blender on his front porch?
So he could greet visitors with a handshake.

What did Jeffrey Dahmer say to Lorena Bobbitt?
“Are you going to eat that?”

What does Jeffrey Dahmer eat for breakfast?
Boys and Berries.

How did Jeffrey Dahmer make alphabet soup?
With 26 characters he met at a party.

Did you hear about the NHL official that was arrested as a serial killer?
His name was Referee Dahmer.

Why was Jeffrey Dahmer so healthy?
Because he ate five fruits a day!

Who said, “Nobody is going to tell me how many people I can have for Thanksgiving”?
Jeffery Dahmer.

You know one of the main reasons Jeffrey Dahmer got caught was because his freezer stopped working and the smell became so bad the neighbors were complaining.
The cops came to his door and said, “We heard you were keeping a bunch of spoiled brats in here.”

What is Jefferey Dahmer’s favorite drink?
A cup ‘o’ joe.

What did Jeffrey Dahmer do after he dumped his boyfriend?
Wipe his ass.

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What’s the difference between Jeffrey Dahmer and an orange?
An orange gets the pulp pounded out of it before it goes in the can.

What’s the difference between Jeffrey Dahmer and River Phoenix?
Nothing – they both died after clubbing.

Why was the moving van outside of Jeffrey Daumer’s house the other day?
He needed more elbow room.

What would you call a movie starring Jake Paul and a Psychopath?
Dumb and Dahmer.

Did you hear what they served today at the wake for Mr. Dahmer?
Finger sandwiches and mixed nuts.

When they performed the autopsy on Mr. Dahmer, do you know what they found?
Jimmy Hoffa!

Why did Jeffrey Dahmer move to a larger apartment?
He needed more leg room.

What did Jeffrey Dahmer call the guy that ran from him?
Fast food.

Did you know Jeffrey Dahmer didn’t like Tic Tacs or gum?
He preferred men toes.

What do Jeffrey Dahmer and Peewee Herman have in common?
They were both caught with hands in their drawers.

What is Jeffery Dahmer’s favorite candy?

What did Jeffrey Dahmer say to that Prisoner who killed him?
“I eat guys like you for breakfast.”

How are Jeffrey Dahmer and Mr potato head similar?
They keep body parts in their trunk.

What’s the difference between a pilot and Jeffrey Dahmer?
Jeffrey Dahmer doesn’t eat every leg.

What do you call a giraffe that eats another giraffe?
Giraffrey Dahmer.

What did Jeffrey Dahmer say to the authorities when he was arrested?
“Hey, have a heart!”

What was Jeffrey Dahmer’s favorite month?

What’s Jeffrey Dahmer’s idea of fast food?
Usain Bolt.

How did Jeffrey Dahmer keep his victims mouths from opening?
By ripping them off.

Did you know Jeffrey Dahmer was a time traveler?
He was eating Five Guys before it was a thing.

Did you know Jeffery Dahmer used to cut off his victim’s noses, put them on pizza and eat them?
He called it Dahmer-nose pizza.

What did Jeffery Dahmer call gay people?
Alphabet soup.

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How do you know Dahmer is about a homosexual cannibal?

He lures men to his apartment, then eats them. All there is to say is, either way, meat is going into his mouth.

What do Molly Ringwald and Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims have in common?

They were both part of the breakfast club.

What did Dahmer say as the police took his refrigerator?
“You boys be careful with that or heads are gonna roll.”

Did you hear that the F.B.I. was investigating Jeffery Dahmer?
They think he might have been selling arms to IRAQ.

Did ya hear that Jeffrey Dahmer got his Christmas present early?
Yeah, somebody gave him “The CLUB!”

What were Jeffrey Dahmer’s last words?
Eat me!

What question was asked of all attendees of Dahmer’s funeral?
“Will you have soup or salad with that organ?”

Why was Jeffery Dahmer killed in prison?
He went berserk after someone offered him lady’s fingers.

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  1. What did Jeffrey Dahmer say to his cell mate when the prison had a food shortage?
    If we run out of food, we still have each other.

  2. What did Jeffrey Dahmer say to someone who asked if he had any lettuce?
    Check the fridge, there’s a head in there somewhere.


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