99 Funny Ginger Jokes That You Shouldn’t Tell A Redhead

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Ginger jokes are jokes made about people who have red hair. These jokes can play on a variety of perceived stereotypes that originated as a British phenomenon. While some believe gingerism is offensive, others mark it as a sign of ancient warriorhood.

How come jokes began around red-headed men and women? Well, it’s a long story. In Viking times, the majority of the inhabitants in that area had red hair and were known as pagans. They assaulted churches and nearby areas with few to no troops. For the same reason, they were perceived as godless by the Christian community. As a result, they possessed no soul. The majority of these jokes are also built on the belief that ginger people are furious. This is most likely due to the connection of the color red with fiery behavior. In the early modern period, red hair was thought to be a sign of witchcraft. During the witch trials in 15th-century Germany, it is estimated that 45,000 red-haired women were burned for witchcraft. If you’re wondering why, it could be because gingers are rare, gorgeous, and captivating, which people may associate with power, which resulted in an increasing number of jealous individuals fearing their beauty.

If you’re here to share these jokes with your friends and family, be sure that it is perceived just as a joke because it could lead to something serious. You don’t know what the person is going through until they open up to you. After all, people should be entitled to make jokes and puns about whatever they choose, but not at the price of others’ happiness and lives.

Best Redhead Jokes

What do you call a battle between two redheads?
Ginger Beef.

How do you know one is never going to find a soulmate?
If they are into redheads.

What has an N, an I, two G’s, an E, and an R that can be used to describe people of a certain color?

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
(Ginger who?)
The Ginger Bread Man!

How do you describe a redhead with bad teeth?

How do you tell whether you’ve satisfied a redhead?
She unlocks the handcuffs.

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Did you hear about the dyslexic American police officer?
He shot a Ginger.

Why can’t you hear a red head’s footsteps?
Because they walk so gingerly.

Did you hear about the lady who fell in love with a ginger ale salesman?
She was Schwepped off her feet.

What disease do you contract if you are bitten by a redhead?

What do you call it when a red-head makes alcohol?
Ginger Ale.

What restaurant uses the most ginger?

What is the proper way for a redhead to shave their pubic hair?

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What do you call a redhead suffering from a yeast infection?

What do you call a redhead that suffers a psychotic break?
A ginger snap.

Why are there no redheads in South Korea’s capital?
Because Seoul has no gingers.

A redhead takes a relaxing car drive through the countryside, her windows open, just enjoying the scenery. She has to come to a halt as a shepherd moves his sheep across the road. When the redhead gets out of her car to stretch, she comes up with an idea.
“Hello, Mister! May I keep one of your sheep if I guess how many you have?”
The shepherd owns hundreds of sheep and is willing to agree. “361,” the redhead exclaims as she surveys the flock. The shepherd is surprised that she guessed accurately, but being a man of his word, he lets her choose her favourite. When she is going to load her new pet into her car, the shepherd cries out to the redhead.
“Hello, Lady! Can I have my dog back if I guess your true hair colour?”

Why don’t they cover redhead conventions in the news?
Because whenever they send down a reporter, there’s never a soul there.

What do you call a redhead who is sandwiched between two blondes?
An interpreter.

What do you get when you cross a Jamaican with a ginger?
A gingerbreadmon.

Why did the serial killer keep saying in the trial that he never harmed a soul?
He was charged for targetting gingers.

What do you call ginger with asthma?
A Wheez-ly.

What do you call fat ginger?
Fed Sheeran!

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What makes a terrorist different from a redhead?
You may negotiate with a terrorist.

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
A Ginger.
(Go away!)

How can you know if a redhead is interested in you?
She has your girlfriend imprisoned and is camped out in your yard.

How can you tell whether your redhead has forgiven you?
She shuts down washing your clothing in the toilet bowl.

What do you call a lady who always knows where her husband is?
A redhead!

What do you call someone whose hair is dyed orange?

A man was dining alone in a posh restaurant when he noticed a stunning redhead at the adjacent table. He’d been eyeing her since he sat down but lacked the courage to approach her.
She sneezed, and her glass eye flew out of its socket towards the man. He reached out, grabbed it from the air, and handed it back.
“Oh my, I’m so sorry,” the woman said as she reinserted her eye. “Let me buy you supper to make amends.”
They had a fantastic supper together and then went to the theatre, followed by cocktails. They spoke, they joked, she told him about her deepest dreams, and he told her about his. She paid close attention to him.
After paying for everything, she invited him to her home for a nightcap and to remain for breakfast. They had an absolutely lovely experience.
She cooked a gourmet meal with all the trimmings the next morning. The man was astounded. Everything had been amazing!
“You know, you are the perfect woman,” he added. “Are you like this with every guy you meet?”
“No,” she replied. “You just happened to catch my eye.”

What is the best way to make love to a redhead?

What turns making fun of ginger into a hate crime?

What is the similarity between black coffee and Ginger Baker?
They’re both terrible without cream.

How many people attended the Ginger Lives Matter protests the other day?
Not a soul!

What do you call a baker with a redhead?
The ginger bread man.

How can a redhead man reach org*sm?

What do you call a Ginger in a wheelchair?
Virgin Mobile.

Why do Gingers smell so bad?
So blind people can hate them too.

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Why do Gingers hate St. Patrick’s Day?
People will pinch them regardless of whether or not they are wearing green.

How do you confuse a Ginger?
Send them a friend request on Facebook.

Why is the “don’t walk” light at crosswalks red?
So Gingers know when it’s their turn to walk.

What do Gingers call fire extinguishers?

Why aren’t redheads attractive to foot fetishists?
Because they don’t have soles.

What is the distinction between a redhead and a brick?
At the very least, a brick gets laid.

What do you call it when a redhead couple has a child?
Ginger bred.

A stunning young redhead walks into the doctor’s office, complaining that her body hurt everywhere she touched it.
The doctor exclaims, “Impossible!” “Prove it to me.”
The redhead pressed her finger against her left breast and screamed, then pressed her elbow and screamed even louder. She cried when she pushed her knee and screamed as she pushed her ankle. She screamed everything she touched.
“You’re not actually a redhead, are you?” remarked the doctor.”
“Well, no,” she replied, “I’m a blonde.”
“I assumed so,” the doctor replied. “Your finger has been broken.”

What does a Ginger have in common with an old volcano?
They are both inactive.

What do you call a ninja with red hair?
A Ginja.

What do you call an Aboriginal with red hair?
A Boomeranga.

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Why did the ginger cross the road?
To buy sunscreen.

What do you call when a redhead goes down on her man?
A Redhead.

A ginger child who excels in karate is called what?
The Carroty Kid.

What do you call two identical gingers?

What happens when you cross a Mexican with an Irishman?
A redhead who can tan.

I recently bought an alcoholic ginger beer.
He wasn’t pleased.

How do you deal with a fiery redhead?

What’s the difference between a ginger and a vampire?
One is a pale blood-sucking creature that avoids the sun the other is a vampire.

What do gingers look forward to later on in life?
Grey hair.

How can two redheads become invisible in a crowd of three?
When they’re with a blonde.

What do gingers miss most about a great party?
The invitation

What do you call ginger at a party?

Why did God invent color blindness?
So someone will be friends with the ginger kid.

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What type of train doesn’t let gingers ride?
The soul train.

How do gingers do a high-five?

A ginger man finds a magic lamp and when he rubs it the genie pops out.
The genie says, “What do you want?”
The ginger says, “I want a huge mansion with a hundred rooms and 20 floors all made of pure gold.” The genie looks and says,” Don’t be an idiot! Do you have any idea how much gold that would take? That’s impossible, pick something else.”
So the ginger finally decides and says,“ I want everyone to stop making fun of my hair color.”
The genie says,“ So this mansion you want suite bathrooms?”

What’s black and blue and red all over?
A “Kick A Ginger Day” victim.

How can you tell when a redhead just heard a Ginger joke?
They are burnt.

What movie can Ginger men relate to?
Balls of Fury.

What do you call a ginger kid eating a carrot?

What do you call a tall redhead?
A gingeraffe.

Why are Harry Potter films so unrealistic?
A ginger kid has two friends.

What if Monday was a person?
It would be a ginger.

How many ginger people does it take to change a light bulb?
None, they prefer to sit in the dark.

What do extinct dinosaurs and gingers have in common?
Not enough.

Why do redheads take the pill?
Wishful thinking.

What do you call gay ginger?

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What book would never make a woman wet?
50 Shades Of Ginger.

What do you call a redhead whose phone rings on Saturday night?

What genre of music cannot be enjoyed by ginger people?

What is the name given to the ginger character in an adult film?
The cameraman.

On Mars planet, what do you call two redheads?

Why aren’t gingers afraid of hell?
They already spent an eternity burning in sunlight.

At what sport do Gingers fail?

What do you call an attractive male with a Ginger lady?
A hostage.

What’s Ginger’s favorite iPhone game?
Angry Birds.

Why do Gingers dread the first day of school?
They aren’t allowed to wear hats inside.

What do you call a cute kid with Ginger parents?

Why do ginger people sunburn easily?
It’s nature’s way of telling them they should be locked indoors.

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What kind of facial hair can a Ginger not grow?
A soul patch.

What do Gingers drink at Red Robin?
Freckled Lemonade!

Why do Gingers join the army?
To have an excuse to shave their head.

What kind of beds do Gingers sleep on?

How do you cure a ginger?

What car will you never see a Ginger driving?
Kia Soul.

What’s hotter than this heatwave?
A ginger’s crotch.

What’s shorter than an asian’s d#ck?
A Ginger’s temper.

How can you call a Ginger sexy?
If she’s a brunette named Ginger.

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If a Ginger was on a deserted island and could only bring one thing, what would it be?
Hair dye.

What does a Ginger have in common with a nail?
They are both flat, rusty, and fun to hit with a hammer.

What do you call a redhead that pegs?
A ginger rail.

What do you call a bl*wjob from a ginger?

How does a redhead shave his pubes?

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