65 Funny Sushi Jokes to Start Rolling in Laughter

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Sushi, the culinary art form from Japan, is like edible origami. It’s a symphony of raw fish, rice, and a dab of wasabi, rolled together to create something that’s as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palate. Each piece is a bite-sized adventure, a rollercoaster of flavors ranging from the subtle to the explosive. Sushi chefs are the conductors of this flavor orchestra, slicing and dicing with the precision of a surgeon and the flair of an artist. Eating sushi is like playing a delicious game of Russian roulette – will the next piece make your eyes water with delight or set your mouth on fire? It’s this combination of elegance, risk, and culinary craftsmanship that makes sushi the perfect platter for some deliciously witty sushi jokes.

Sushi jokes are all about playing with the fun and sometimes baffling aspects of this beloved cuisine. They might roll into the absurdities of eating something that was swimming just hours ago, or the etiquette puzzles of chopstick use (is it a utensil or a mini drumstick?). Sushi jokes add a dash of humor to the dining experience, a little like that unexpected burst of wasabi – surprising, a bit sharp, but ultimately leaving you with a grin. They remind us that food isn’t just about sustenance; it’s about enjoyment, surprise, and the shared laughter that comes from experiencing the world’s diverse flavors, one sushi roll at a time.

Best Sushi Jokes

What did the sushi say to the bee?

What is the most suspenseful sushi?
A drum roll.

Did you hear about the guy who went out for sushi last night?
He spilled a whole bottle of soy sauce on himself. Everyone laughed except his father. Don‘t Kikkoman when he’s down.

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
(Sushi who?)
Sushi me rolin…

Is that a sushi roll in your pocket?
Or are you just happy sashimi?

Did you hear about the girl who hated her boyfriend’s obsession with Japanese food?
Sushi left him.

How does Lady Gaga like her sushi?
Ra-ra-raw-raw Ra-ra-raw-raw.

What’s a straight-A student’s favorite type of sushi?
The Honor Roll.

What is the sushi chef’s dream car?
Rolls rice.

Why did the Sushi chef refuse to serve the musician?
Cause he was outta tuna.

Man: When you look at your sushi rolls what do you see?
Friend: I just seefood.

Yo mama so dumb, she thought a tsunami was a kind of Japanese sushi.

A cannibal wanted some sushi
So he bought a pack of ra-men.

Did you hear about the new lawyer-themed sushi restaurant that opened up the other day?
It’s called Sosumi.

Three college girls went to a sushi restaurant.
After having a few drinks, the first girl after eating a fish egg sushi said, “I just ate 3 dozen of fish,”
The girl beside her heard it and responded, “That would mean I ate three to four chickens” while staring at her remaining Tamagoyaki (Japanese egg roll).
The third girl burped and said, “Are you saying I ate millions of humans last night?”

What’s the best pan to make sushi in?

What do you get when you have fish and rice in a shoe?

What did the Japanese chef say to his son when he brought back his girlfriend?
“Sushi’s the one?”

Knock, knock.
(Who’s there?)
(Sushi who?)
Sushi went home. Sue should be back tomorrow.

What’s a soldier’s favorite type of sushi?
A combat roll

Have you tried whale sushi?
It’s Killer.

Yo mama so stupid, she ordered her sushi well done.

What do sushi makers have in common with Spanish pirates?
They both seek fortuna.

What is an employee’s favorite kind of sushi?

A group of tourists were enjoying sushi at a restaurant in Japan.
Having never eaten sushi before, one woman asked the chef if he would suggest the best way of eating it.
He nodded, and replied, “Let me shoyu.”

How do you comfort a grieving sushi chef?
Wasabi for your loss.

Why does some sushi have rice on the inside of the seaweed wrap?
That’s just how it rolls.

Why don’t Wookies like sushi?
They think it’s a little Chewie.

Yo mama so fat, she thought Squid Game was a Sushi eating competition.

What type of sushi does Bob Seger like?
That Old Thai Moroccan Roll.

What do you call a mermaid in a wheelchair?
Sushi roll.

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At what age did the world’s greatest sushi chef begin his training?
Tuna half.

A detective recently came into town to visit the new sushi restaurant
He heard there was a fishy business.

Why do dinosaurs like sushi?
Because they like their food ROAR!

A Muslim couple decided to have a baby.
The day of labour came and Doctor came out of the maternity ward with a grim look on his face. The father asked what was wrong.
The doctor asked the father, which type of Muslim he was.
“I am a Sunni Muslim,” father replied.
“And your wife?”
“She is a Shiite.”
The doctor’s face lit up. He asked, “So that’s why your child came out as sushi!”

A man asked his Sumo wrestler friend, “Would you like to have some sushi for dinner?”
He said, “No thanks. I’m not a big Japanese person.”

What do you call it when you make sushi out of a Thesaurus?
A synonym roll.

What do you call sushi that’s on sale?
A raw deal.

Yo mama so stupid, she thought Skrelp was actually seaweed and tried to make sushi with it!

Did you know all sushi comes from female fish?
Otherwise, it would be called suhe.

What does a percussionist order at a sushi bar?
A drum roll.

What do you call a fake sushi restaurant?

What do you call a sushi chef’s assistant?
A Sous-shi chef.

Why did the sushi cross the road?
Sushi could get to the other side.

What sushi roll does Emilia Clarke order?
The ‘Mother of Dragons’ roll!

What do you call formal sushi?

Why did the sushi chef close his shop early?
He wasabi-t tired.

What did the sushi say when he introduced himself to the avocado?
“Rice to meet you!”

Why was the sushi roll annoyed?
He couldn’t kelp himself.

When does the sushi chef put Nutella on the salmon roll?
When the customers order salmonella.

Did you hear about a new strip club that serves sushi?
It is called Bento-ver.

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What does sushi have in common with an*l?
You either love it, hate it, or you’re scared to try it. And if you hate it, people keep trying to convince you that yours just wasn’t prepared properly.

What’s the difference between eating sushi and eating p*ssy?
It’s the rice.

What are a cucumber and a dolphin doing in the same room?

What did Jar Jar order at the sushi place?
Meesa Soup.

How does bad sushi taste?

How do you know if your sushi chef is a terrorist?
The dynamite rolls are made Nitroglycerin.

What’s the funniest sushi pick up line?
“Do your panties smell like fish because I like sushi.”

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