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Bhai Kya Kar Raha Hai Tu – Ashneer Grover Meme Template

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Bhai Kya Kar Raha Hai Tu Meme Template on Ashneer Grover
Bhai Kya Kar Raha Hai Tu – Ashneer Grover Meme Template

The Bhai kya kar raha hai tu meme originates from the Indian business reality TV series Shark Tank India. In episode 30 aired on 26th January 2021, Ashneer Grover who is a Managing Director and co-founder of BharatPe says this to Rohit Warrier, Founder and Director of Sippline. Just after the founder’s pitch, Ashneer and Aman Gupta immediately chose to opt out rather than invest in the product. While delivering the feedback the co-founder of BharatPe lost his cool and labelled it as “wahiyat” meaning rubbish.

On 20 Fenruary 2022, Twitter user @areyaarmalav posted a screenshot of his lockscreen wallpaper with the caption “Ashneer Grover as a lockscreen wallpaper should help me reduce my phone addiction.” The tweet garnered more than 500 retweets and 5k likes within 48 hours. Soon other users started following the trend and posted the screenshot on their handles. Previously, Ashneer has popular memes in Bilkul Bakwas Hai Ye and Ye Sab Doglapan Hai. The English translation of Bhai kya kar raha hai tu is what are you doing, brother. The popular use of the Bhai kya kar raha hai tu meme is to mock someone who lacks focus and concentration.

Some of the other memes from the show are: Haan Mai De Dunga Tu Tension Mat LeYe Meri Expertise Nahi Hai, and Hum Bhi Bana Lenge.

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