Hum Bhi Bana Lenge – Meme Template

Hum Bhi Bana Lenge Meme Template on Aman Gupta Shark Tank India
Hum Bhi Bana Lenge – Meme Template

The Hum bhi bana lenge meme originates from the Indian business reality TV series Shark Tank India. In episode 5 that aired on 24 December 2021, Aman Gupta who is the co-founder of boAt said this dialogue to the founders of Revamp Moto in response to Ashneer Grover statement of having the biggest network of stores. The English translation of Hum bhi bana lenge is we will also make it. The popular use of the Hum bhi bana lenge meme is to mock someone who thinks a given piece of task is easier at first glance.

Some of the other memes from the show are: Ye Sab Doglapan Hai, Bhai Kya Kar Raha Hai TuBilkul Bakwas Hai YeYe Meri Expertise Nahi Hai, and Haan Mai De Dunga Tu Tension Mat Le.

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