60 Dark Yo Mama Jokes If You Have A Sick-Yet-Silly Mind

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Jessica Amlee


When it comes to humor, sometimes the edgier, the better. Dark Yo Mama jokes push the boundaries of traditional jokes, adding a twisted flair to the classic format. These jokes offer a wickedly funny way to engage with friends or lighten up a social gathering. But remember, humor is subjective and some people may find dark jokes offensive or distasteful.

It’s essential to know your audience and consider their sensitivities before sharing these jokes. If you’re confident that your company will appreciate the darker side of comedy, go ahead and unleash your inner comedian with some dark Yo Mama jokes. Just be prepared for some gasps and wide-eyed reactions along with the laughter!

Morbid Yo Mama Jokes

  1. Yo mama so ugly, Rick Astley gave her up.
  2. Yo mama so dark, she broke her leg and got crutches they called her shit on a stick 
  3. Yo mama so fat, men are only attracted to her because of gravity.
  4. Yo mama so ugly, her portraits hang themselves.
  5. Yo mama so dark her shadow was laid-off. 
  6. Yo mama so ugly, the whole world faked a virus just to make her wear a mask
  7. Yo mama so slow, she took nine months to deliver a joke.
  8. Yo mama so dark, she was born with bad credit.
  9. Yo mama so ugly, when she cries, tears run down the back of her head to avoid her face.
  10. Yo mama so dark, lightening bugs follow her in the daytime.
  11. Yo mama so dark, she can leave fingerprints on charcoal.
  12. Yo mama’s teeth so yellow, when she smiles cars slow down
  13. Yo mama so dark, she breastfeeds chocolate milk
  14. Yo mama so fat, when she went swimming in the ocean, Britain colonized her.
  15. Yo mama so cheap, when she dies and walks to the light she’ll turn it off.

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  1. Yo mama so dark, when you go swimming it looks like an oil spill.
  2. Yo mama so fat, she gave memory foam mattress Alzheimers.
  3. Yo mama so dark, she got a PHD in Hide-N-Seek.
  4. Yo mama so fat, people have to refuel their car twice to run her over.
  5. Yo mama so dark, when you wrap her in plastic she looks like soy sauce.
  6. The earth was flat until they buried yo mama.
  7. Yo mama so dark when she puts lotion on her legs it looks like she has on leather pants 
  8. Yo mama so slow, it took her 9 months to make a joke.
  9. Yo mama so fat, when she worked at the strip club everyone called her Hitler because she just destroyed Poles.
  10. Yo mama and daddy so dark, your family pictures look like ultrasounds.

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  1. Yo mama so fat, she uses dead sheep for tampons.
  2. Yo mama so fat, her co-workers are exposed to second hand diabetes.
  3. Yo mama so dark, when she spits, ink comes out her mouth. 
  4. Yo mama so stupid, she thought roe v wade were options for crossing a lake.
  5. Yo mama so dark, Batman uses her as a backup cape.
  6. What do yo mamma jokes and kids with cancer have in common? Never gets old.
  7. Yo mama so dark, she was riding a motorcycle and got a ticket for tinted windows.
  8. Yo mama so fat, people believe she’s flat.
  9. Yo mama so dark you cant see when shit comes out of her crack.
  10. Yo mama so racist, she got a separate entrance for BBCs.
  11. Yo mama so dark, she drinks water and pees coffee.
  12. Yo mama so hunchbacked, she does her abortions with her teeth.
  13. Yo mama forehead so big, Kobe could’ve landed his helicopter and survived.
  14. Yo mama so dark, they made a movie of her heart transplant called ‘From the darkest heart of Africa.’
  15. Yo mama so fat, when she went to space, she didn’t experience weightlessness.
  16. Yo mama so dark when she got a tattoo they had to use chalk.
  17. Yo mama so lactose intolerant, your dad never brought the milk home.
  18. Yo mama so stinky, her body odor was used to gas the Jews.
  19. Yo mama is so dark, she looks like a giant candy bar.

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  1. Yo mama so dyslexic, even her blood is Type-O.
  2. Yo mama so dark. yo daddy decided to use her as charcoal for the fire.
  3. Yo mama so fat, they did not even need wood to cremate her, the fire could be seen from miles and people mistook it for a gender reveal party.
  4. Yo mama so dark, at midnight she fell and nobody could find her until morning.
  5. Yo mama so ugly, she can’t even arouse suspicion.
  6. Yo mama so dark, if they put you in a bottle you’d get a Pepsi.
  7. Yo mama so fat, she’s taller when she lays down.
  8. Yo mama so dark, her nickname is darker because nothing is darker than yo momma.
  9. Yo mama got so many pimples, her tears need 4-wheel drive to run down her face.
  10. Yo mama so dark when she eats chocolate cake she has to put white gloves on.
  11. Yo mama so fat, back of her neck look like a pack of hot dogs.
  12. Yo mama so dark, when she puts on yellow lipstick, she looks like a cheeseburger.
  13. Yo mama so fat, they didn’t baptize her, they just smashed a champagne bottle over her head.
  14. Yo mama so dark, when she went to the night school, they marked her absent.
  15. Yo mama so dark, robbers shot her and the bullets came back with flashlights saying, “I can’t find the b#tch.”
  16. Yo mama so dark, she bleeds smoke.

As we wrap up our exploration of dark yo mama jokes, don’t forget that there’s even more humor to discover. If you’ve enjoyed these jokes, be sure to check out our other posts featuring Yo Mama So Old Jokes, Yo Mama So Short Jokes, Yo Mama So Ugly Jokes, and Yo Mama So Fat Jokes. These collections of hilarious quips will keep you laughing and wanting more. So go ahead and indulge in the lighter side of ‘yo mama’ humor, and remember, laughter is the best medicine!

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