50 Funny Down Syndrome Jokes for Extraordinary Individuals

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Down Syndrome, a genetic condition where a person has an extra chromosome 21, is like getting a bonus track in your favorite album. It makes the person unique, like having an exclusive feature nobody else has. People with Down Syndrome often have distinctive facial features, love for life, and an infectious enthusiasm that can brighten anyone’s day. Just like everyone else, they enjoy a good laugh and appreciate humor that’s respectful and inclusive. So, when it comes to Down Syndrome jokes, think of it as adding a little extra spice to a conversation – it’s all about celebrating differences and sharing a smile, not about poking fun at them.

Continuing from where we left off, Down Syndrome jokes are a tricky territory. It’s like trying to tickle a cat; you’ve got to be careful, or you might get scratched! The key is to keep the humor light-hearted and positive, focusing on the fun aspects of our unique traits. Imagine a world where everyone’s superpower is their individuality, and those with Down Syndrome just happen to have a sparkling extra. It’s about laughing with, not at, and that’s what makes these jokes a delight. Just like a unicorn in a field of horses, they stand out, reminding us that life is too short to be anything but happy and a little goofy.

Best Down Syndrome Jokes

What do you call a high person with Downy?
A baked potato.

What do you call twins with Downy who were born to a wealthy family and subsequently crushed by a giant object?
Loaded mashed potatoes.

What do you call a person with Downy?
A homie with a extra cromie.

Boy: Dad, What is the difference between up and down?
Father: You don’t have up syndrome.

Did you hear about the guy who lost his v*rginity to a girl with Downy?
He wanted his first time to be special.

What do you call a sped metal band?
Syndrome of the Down.

Did you hear about the man with Downy who downloaded the same web browser twice?
He had an extra chrome.

Why did the man named his dog ‘Syndrome?’
So when it’s misbehaving he yells, “Down Syndrome!”

A man saw a kid with Downy buying a pair of jeans.
He thought to himself, “What a greedy b***ard, haven’t you got enough already?”

What do you call a m*dget with Downy?
You call him a little slow.

Did you hear that the special ed students made a metal band?
It’s called Syndrome of a Down.

What do you call a kid with Downy who’s late to school?

A class of 8 years old is at the winning pool.
All the kids jump in except little Johnny who has Downy. The teacher comes to him and asks if he can swim. “Yes I can,” he answers. “Are you afraid to go in?”
“No” he answers. “Then go ahead, jump, and enjoy then,” says the teacher. So little Johnny jumps and starts swimming so fast and so well that he catches up with the rest of the class, overtakes them, and swims back the full-length way ahead of them. He exits the pool not even out of breath. His teacher is speechless but walks to him and asks him where he learned to swim like that.
“It’s my dad” he answers “But how did he teach you?”
“Well, every weekend, he brings me on a boat to the lake.”
“Oh that’s great, and what does he do to teach you then.”
“Well, when we arrive in the middle of the lake, he pushes me overboard and I have to swim back to the shore.” The teacher is a bit shocked but since it seems to work she just says, “Oh dear, it must be hard for you to swim that much.”
“No,” says little Johnny, “the hardest is to get out of the bag.”

Did you hear about the teenage twin boys in a “special needs” class who were suspended for online gambling while at school?
Turns out they have DoubleDown syndrome.

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A man with Downy walks into a bar.
The barman says, “Hey! Why the Mong face?”

What’s the only test a person with Downy does well on?
A DNA test, they get a 47 out of 46.

What do you call a firefighter with Downy?
Fire retardant.

Did you hear about the neighbor who once joined a forum for people with Downy?
The comments were d*sabled.

Why do kids with Downy wear shorts?
Because they have bad genes.

Why did the guy with Down’s Syndrome enter an RV contest at a bagel shop?
He wanted to Winnebago.

What is the opposite of Downy?
Down Gooddeeddrome.

Two women are chatting.
“My 15-year-old son is getting to be a right little b*stard, hanging about in a gang, never coming to visit his grandparents with me – honestly, I sometimes think he wouldn’t care if I died”, the first woman said.
“I’m lucky in that respect”, the second woman said, “My son is 22 now and loves his old mum, he snuggles up on the sofa with me to watch TV, and always gives me a kiss and hug whenever he is going out or going up to the bed, we even do paintings together at weekends.”
“I know,” says the first woman. “Sometimes I wish my son had Down’s Syndrome too.”

What did the boy with Downy search on Google?
“How to uninstall chromosome?”

What did the kid with Downy get on his test?

What did the kid with Downy get on his IQ test?

What do you call a chef with Downy?
A Slow Cooker.

Did you hear about the first man with Downy?
He was the root vegetable.

What do you call it when a person with Downy gets denied by a girl?

What is the game that people with Downy love?

What do you call corn that stars only girls with Downy?

Why did the ret*rded girl get high?
Because she wanted to cure her Down’s syndrome.

Do you know that cannibals can also be vegetarian?
By eating people with Downy.

What’s 23+1?
Down Syndrome.

What do you call a bodybuilder with Downy?
Downy Ultra Strong.

What do you call a Downy person with cocaine addiction?
A grunting vacuum cleaner.

What do you call a guy with a jet pack and Downy?
An ambulance.

What do an AK and a Downy person have in common?
They both have 47 in them.

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How do you hurt a person who has Downy?
You hand them a knife then ask them who’s special.

What do you call a person with Downy in the bathtub?
Vegetable Soup.

What do people with Downy use in the dryer?

Why are people with Downy always fat?
They always take an extra pear.

How do you hold a funer*l for a serviceman with Down’s Syndrome?
Three twenty-one gun salutes.

What do you call a fat middle-aged man with Down syndrome?
Mr. Potato Head.

What’s the square root of x and y?
Down Syndrome.

What do you call a person with Down’s Syndrome in a leather coat?
Jacket potato.

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What do you call a Japanese dude with Downy?
Bruce leetard.

What do you call a nice Downy person?
Sweet potato.

What did the kid with Downy get on his birthday?
An extra chromosome.

What is the name of the son of an actor with Downy?
Robert Downey Jr.

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