25 Funny Lesbian Memes That Will Have You Gasping

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Being a lesbian goes beyond who you date; it’s like being in a secret club with its own inside jokes and knowing glances. It’s about embracing stereotypes with a grin, like rocking flannel shirts and owning an impressive collection of comfy shoes. But the real fun starts in the world of lesbian memes, where everyday experiences are turned into relatable, hilarious moments.

Lesbian memes are like inside jokes shared across the internet. They capture the unique, often humorous aspects of lesbian life. Memes about the classic U-Haul joke, poking fun at how quickly relationships progress, or another teasing the endless “Who’s the man in the relationship?” question are plenty. These memes aren’t just for laughs; they’re a celebration of lesbian identity, where humor is used to bond, relate, and enjoy the lighter side of being part of this unique community.

We know that women love humor and similar to gays, we have aggregated some of the best Lesbian Memes that they would find relatable.

Best Lesbian Memes

1. Cats are love!

Lesbian Cat Meme

2. Waiting for too long!

Lesbian Couple Meme

3. How do you view lesbian relationships?

Lesbian Relationship Meme on HD

4. Seriously, mate?

Lesbian Straight Meme

5. Dad should be thanking his stars!

Lesbian Family Meme

6. What straight?

Straight Meme on Lesbian

7. Same time next month?!

Lesbian Vampire Meme on Joke

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8. Why are you gay?

Why Are You Gay Meme on Lesbian

9. Normalise girls doing first move!

Lesbian Meme on Making First Move

10. Coming out be like!

Funny Lesbian Meme on Coming Out

11. That hair cut!

Lesbian Haircut Meme

12. An island called Lesbos!

Let's Go Lesbians Meme

13. Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions!

Gay Daughter Meme

14. This one is a dad joke!

Lesbian Vs Gay Meme on Mom and Dad

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15. Sacrifices we make for love!

Lesbian Fingernails Meme

16. That should be whole!

Lesbian Sex Meme on Girls

17. Calculating!

Funny Lesbian Meme on Kristen Stewart

18. Maybe… maybe not!

Just 3 Lesbians Looking At Each Other Meme

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19. Gay fashion!

Lesbian Fashion Meme

20. That’s an unlikely team-up!

Funny Lesbian Porn Meme

21. Relatable?

Gay Men and Lesbians Meme

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22. Oh, girl! You do have a type!

Lesbian Ex Girlfriend Meme

23. Who is the man in the relationship?

Lesbian Relationship Meme

24. That evil smile!

Closeted Meme on Lesbian

25. You bet they are!

Lesbian Netflix Meme

Some may find these lesbian memes dark or offensive, but don’t worry, lesbians have a great sense of humor!

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