60 Funny Easter Jokes for Kids & Adults in 2022

Funny Easter Jokes
Funny Easter Jokes

Even on a holy day like Easter, there are always a few laughs to be had. It’s a day to spend with your family and take nice photos (thanks to social media), all while contemplating the significance of the day. There are likely to be a few mistakes, incidents, and people to poke fun at when your family gathers for some of your favourite traditional or modern Easter traditions. It’s all in good fun, after all! These funny Easter jokes cover everything from dyeing Easter eggs to eating a lot of chocolate to all the glitz and glam that comes with gathering the entire family. Even atheists might like some of these amusing Easter puns.

This year, Easter falls on Sunday, April 17th so if you’re looking for some of the top Easter memes, including Easter bunny jokes and puns, we’ve got you covered. Save these Eggcelent jokes to send on Easter Sunday morning, or share them now to get your friends and family in the holiday spirit. With any hope, they’ll repay the favour by sneaking you some extra Easter candy or Easter egg hunt hints.

Best Easter Jokes for Kids

Now before we start, we would like to tell you that we will not be going to do any jokes about Jesus.

He’s not the kind of guy you’d like to… Cross!

From where did the bunny got its hair done for Easter?

Obviously, from the “hare-stylist.”

Why did the Easter bunny like the bedtime story?

The story had a “hoppy” ending.

Why was the Easter bunny arrested for taking money from kids forcefully?

He was charged with eggstortion.

Why did the Easter bunny bookmark

Because it was “hopping” it would get to see more awesome jokes.

Why did the Easter bunny go crazy?

Because Easter didn’t go “egg-xactly” the way it was planned.

What is the head of the Easter Bunny association called?


What type of seat does an Easter bunny prefer?

An arm chare.

Who does the Easter Bunny admire the most among humans?


How did the Easter bunny win the competition?

It outjumped them all.

On Easter Sunday, I witnessed Batman leave church early.

I had never seen Christian Bale before.

What’s an Easter Bunny’s favourite dessert?

Egg tart.

Last morning, Sheila got mad at her husband for calling her unfit though she had three eggs the same morning.

Those were Easter eggs.

Easter is the day we defied the idiom “put all your eggs in one basket.”

Which team do bunnies support?

Hibernian FC due to their stadium name Easter Road.

Which insect does the Easter Bunny envy?


Why is Easter a favoured holiday among Alzheimer’s patients?

They get to hide their own eggs.

Which profession can the Easter bunnies relate to?

The sHOPkeeper.

What did the man do when he ran over the Easter Bunny on road with his car?

He spayed all over it and surprisingly the bunny got up and hopped away. The spray label read “Hair Spray. Restores life to dead hair, and adds permanent wave.”

Why did the Easter eggs hate hearing jokes?

Since they always cracked up.

What do you call a flea-infested rabbit?

Bugs Bunny.

Why did the Easter bunny hide?

Because he was a little chicken.

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What do you call a weary Easter egg?


What do you call a bunny who is mad?

A psycHOPath.

What’s the opposite of Easter?


How do you get out of a talk with an Easter Bunny?

Don’t egg him on; he’s a real basket case. Hop out of there.

What will happen if April Fool’s and Easter fall on the same day?

It already did, as it was also April fools’ Day on Easter when Jesus was resurrected.

Girl: Sorry for the late response. I was busy with some stuff on weekend.

Boy: It is ok. Although it’s a lot like Jesus. You disappeared on a Friday and came back on a Sunday.

What do bunnies do when they get hitched?

They wanna go to “Bunny-moon.”

What kind of jewellery do rabbits have on their bodies?

14 “carrot” gold chains.

What is the Easter Bunny’s favourite vegetable?


How do you send an email to the Easter bunny?


What did the optimistic egg say?

I like to look at life sunny-side up.

Why doesn’t the Easter bunny wear a wig?

Because it is already 100% hare.

How does the Easter bunny text its friends?

With egg-mojis!

What do you get when crossing a rabbit with a mollusc?

The Oyster Bunny!

What does the Oyster bunny say when it is glad?

I am as hoppy as a clam.

When your dog prepares your breakfast on Easter, what do you get?

Pooched Eggs.

How did the Easter bunny make the snowman mad?

It ate his nose.

What do you get when you mix Halloween with Easter?

Chick or treat.

What do you call the Easter Bunny the Monday after Easter?


Why did the Easter bunny go to the gym?

He wanted to ‘egg-xercise.’

Why is Easter so popular in France?

Because it’s a bonne idée.

The Easter Bunny eggsplained that he had the eggseptionally eggstrordinary eggs eggspedited to your eggsact location to meet your high eggspectation.

Why can’t Jesus walk on water?

He has holes in his feet.

My parents used to fill my brain with rubbish like Santa, the Easter bunny, and the Tooth Fairy when I was a youngster.

Thanks to god, now that I’m older, I don’t fall for such nonsense.

Why is the Easter Bunny the world’s poorest animal?

It needs to hide its eggs, carry its tail behind, and can only come once a year.

In the Easter play at church, my sister played Jesus.

Her cross-dressing made some of the more conservative members uneasy.

Find the odd one out among the tooth fairy, Bill Cosby, Santa Claus, and the Easter bunny?

The Easter bunny, of course, the rest only come when you are sleeping.

Best Easter Jokes for Adults

What is the most surprising part about Easter history?

That a man in his 30s would have 12 friends.

Why did the rooster kick the shit out of the peacock on Easter morning?

Because he saw all these multicolored eggs all over the barnyard.

To the boiling water, what did the Easter egg say?

It’ll take some time to get me hard. I just got layed by a chick.

Why wouldn’t you want to be an Easter egg?

You only get laid once.

What’s the Easter Bunny’s favorite drink?

After dealing with those youngsters all day, a double IPA with a high alcohol level allows him to get drunk quickly. Oh, and the fact that it’s extra hoppy is simply icing on the cake!

Priest: Who knows what resurrection is?

Young Girl: Well, father, I know you have to call your doctor if it doesn’t go away in four hours!

What’s the difference between an Easter egg and a corpse?

The one is laid to rest in a casket, while the other is carried in a basket.

What is the preferred hobby of a group of gay bunnies?


What’s the difference between a male and female Easter bunny made of chocolate?

About a quarter-inch of chocolate.

When Jesus gets a hard-on, what do you call it?


Hope you like these jokes on Easter. Do let us know in the comment section below!

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